Universal Power-Pak 4-45 lbs.

Universal Power-Pak 445Features the Power-Pak Includes

  • Bench Size: 17x25x51
  • Bench Weight: 250 pound max- weight of user, and 430 pound max- weight of user
  • Contour shaped bench with foam rollers (5 inches)
  • Dumbbells that adjust all the way from 4 to 45 pounds
  • Easily move between different weight sizes in your workout
  • Saves space in the home
  • Helps to replace up to 18 individual dumbbells
  • Includes stand for easy storing
  • Five position bench

The Universal Power-Pak 445 adjustable dumbbells (with stand) have nearly 200 reviews on Amazon alone, with an overall 4.6 star rating. The weight stand makes it easy to store, display, and reach for your weights, and it looks great as well! It is a great and essential addition to any workout room. The weights are also cheaper than competing products, but they are reviewed just as highly. If you are low on money and space, these are perfect for you. This pair even comes with a workout guide to help you get into shape, and the workout program is designed to work with the weights.

Overview of the Universal Power-Pak 445

Universal Power-Pak 445_2This beautiful set comes with a weight rack, and the dumbbells have a contemporary & modern design. They have a light grey, dark grey, and red color palette, and the overall look is chic and minimalistic. Each one adjusts from four to 45 pounds, in five-pound increments, and it lets you rapidly switch from one exercise to the next without a hitch. This quality set and rack is a great time and money saver. You can replace nine sets with just one set. The ergonomically designed stand helps you neatly store and display your equipment. The ergonomic rubber handles give you a really comfortable grip, so your hands won’t slip. Plus, you get a workout guide with the set. The best part is that the price point is only $2xx. You save more than $50 compared to the top competing products. This model has nearly 200 reviews, as well. The overall rating is 4.6 out of five stars which is pretty incredible for that many reviews.

The Weight Stand

The adjustable pair comes with a weight stand that allows you to store your dumbbells in just one location. The stand has a couple of cradles that are custom-sized for the equipment and it holds them at the perfect height for easy access. The stand is great because you can reach the selector dial quickly, so all you have to do is adjust the weights in a couple of seconds. Plus, everything included has a one-year warranty. All you need to do is get a folding bench, and you are ready to go. The workout guide helps you get started. If you have ever been on the fence about a lifestyle purchase before, don’t be in this case. This quality pair is easy to store away, so you can forget about working out if you are not up to the task. What do you have to lose? The price is less than the cost of a yearly gym membership, and you will save money on gas, too by getting fit at home.

What Are Consumers Saying About the Product?

Universal Power-Pak 445_3We searched quality reviews online to find out what people who have used the Power-Pak are really saying about it and to discover their experiences, so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Ready?

It Helps to Save a Ton of Space in the Home

We searched through a lot of reviews and one thing most people said is how much they love the space this product helps them save. It can take up a great deal of room if you use numerous sizes of weights when you workout.

If you have a large and spacious home gym then this is no problem for you. However, if you are like most people and you only have a small room for fitness set aside, or no extra room at all, then this can come in very handy for you.

They Can Limit Range of Motion

While most reviews for the Universal Power-Pak have been pretty positive, there are a few negatives in the mix. While they are easier to store away than regular dumbbells, they are larger than normal ones as well. This means it can limit your range of motion when it comes to certain exercises. This is possibly just something you have to test out because this may not affect every person.

They Are More Fragile Than Normal Weights

The second negative people have mentioned is the fact that these are more fragile than your typical weights. Now, if you just read through the manual that comes with it and do what it says, this will not be an issue for you.

While it is true they are not as sturdy as free weights, they just simply need to be handled with care, so they do not become damaged. As long as you are not throwing them around or dropping them like you could with regular ones, you will be completely fine.

Closing Thoughts on the Universal Power-Pak 445

Universal Power-Pak 445_4The Universal Power-Pak 445 dumbbell pair and weight stand offers the best combination of performance and space-saving design. It is an excellent choice for athletes and novice weight trainers, too. This product functions just like a weight stack at the gym, but it does not take up nearly as much space.

While there were a few negatives to the set, they are minor problems and may not affect everyone. Overall, this is excellent fitness equipment that is perfect for staying in shape and saving room.

If you are looking for quality adjustable dumbbells, then these are definitely worth checking out. Do some of your own research online and check out the full product listing at the link below to see if this set is the perfect match for you and your workout needs.

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